Tuesday, 26 January 2010

GUEST BLOGGER: Alfie 'the King of DIY'

My name in the book is "Alfie",
I did ask for a more dynamic name like Chuck or Rocky but the powers at be said Alfie was more in keeping with my character and seeing it was also the name of my favourite uncle,I didn't mind a bit.
Working in the shop is challenging because I never know what I'm going to repair or create next.
It could be making a table lamp out of an old diving helmet or rewiring a turn of the last century French chandelier.
It could even be drilling out a deer antler, which smelt like ageing sweaty toenails.
And if you want to know how I know what old sweaty toenails smell like, put it down to a miss-spent youth.
Oh well, the customer is always right (but generally confused) I find.
All I know is if something stands still for more than 30 seconds in the shop it will have 3 meters of cable shoved up it and 2 light bulbs attached with a 3amp plug.
Passersby on Tower Bridge Road don’t always realise what a big part small local shops play in the community, not only for supplying goods but also as a place where people can stop off for a bit of a chat about local issues and generally get things off their chests (and you can’t do that in Tesco’s or B&Q).
It's a case of "use us or lose us" and I'm afraid a lot of the little places are going. Anyway I'm getting off my Soap box now.
By the way I could make a lamp out of that if I put my thinking cap on.
I do love a challenge.

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