Wednesday 14 July 2010

Forget the Bacon, SAVE SALT!

I didn’t have a clue until they published my book.
I was always the sort to head into Waterstones before a holiday and scoop up 3 books for the price of 2 from the front table. They were generally published by the biggies and recommended by Richard&Judy.
I’d devour them on the plane or by the sea, and afterwards I’d think how satisfying reading was and wonder why I didn’t do it more often.
Just because I write a lot, doesn’t mean I've always read a lot.
I do read though and I’m more conscious than ever where the books I read come from.
Salt Publishing is a bit like my shop.
Its got great products, pursues quality, is run by friendly people and yet, despite these excellent features, isn’t known by enough people.
Right now, business is slower than ever for them.
1000 copies of Shop Girl Diaries were published in December and there are still plenty left.
Perhaps because people think it’s just my blog in print, so why spend the money when they can read it for free?
But the book is very different, if it wasn’t I’d erase my past blogs.
More likely the lack of sales is due to losing the battle to get a review in the newspaper and not having the money for a decent advertising campaign. It’s not for lack of trying though, believe me.
But this isn’t about my book. I’m writing because there is a brilliant independent publisher who needs your help!
All you need to do is buy 1 book.
Personally, I like the sound of Wena Poon’s ‘Alex y Robert’, a book about a young American woman determined to become a matador and Roberto, a reluctant star Spanish bullfighter whom she recruits to help her.
There are plenty of books to choose from.
See it as a well-deserved treat for yourself.
When that package arrives, put your feet up and enjoy it!


Gabs Brown said...

I bought 'The I Love You Book' by William Guy. Looks like a really unusual, thought-provoking book. Thanks for bringing Salt Publishing to my attention - lots of fab titles.

Shop Girl said...

Great! Thanks for reading. I hope they get through it! Every book sale is a massive help.

Mel said...

My reading circle made a vow to read an indie book this summer (as a starter to more indie picks)...I have a nasty habit of heading for the big names I recognize ...thanks to your post, I plan to buy what I can from Salt and want to get a copy of your book too. I'll spread the word. Salt has an excellent site.

Shop Girl said...

Thanks Mel, Salt will really appreciate it as will all their writers. Glad my post made a difference. Hope you enjoy my book! X