Wednesday 27 October 2010

On the Third Day... (of job hunting)

Day 3 and still no job.

What a disaster!

I was secretly hoping for a top editor to pop out of nowhere and say,

“Hey kid, I’ll show you the ropes but don’t expect a million dollars...”

I’d turn up in her chaotic office and she’d give me a brisk once over, her eyes narrowing behind her chunky designer glasses.

“For starters I want you to get me a tall, extra dry mocha with a coat of cinnamon and no cardboard handle.”

“Why no cardboard handle?”

“Goddammit, do you need a reason for everything?”

It would be tough but that first task of getting a coffee would lead to numerous published features, vital contacts, invaluable confidence, excellent computer skills and ultimately a best-selling novel.

I know, too many films and not enough degrees!

Meanwhile I’m finding it difficult to begin looking for a flat before I’ve got a job.

Perhaps my Fiancé won’t mind living with his in-laws for a few more wee... mont...years?

Alternatively he could leave me behind for a posh studio and we could text each other from time to time.

We could be like one of those modern couples who have their own separate apartments.

Except my apartment would actually be my childhood bedroom in my Mum’s.

Chin up!

Day four is approaching and there’s bound to be a reply from somewhere soon.

Though I’m slightly worried that if I check my mail one more time the glare of my computer may reverse my laser eye surgery.

I must simply remember that Rome was not built in a day.

Although technically, if the world was only built in 7, then Rome should’ve taken much less than a day.

Like half a quarter of a millisecond.

The time it takes to make a decision to stop procrastinating and do something about not having a job!


Anonymous said...

Job hunting these days is so much different than when I started out many moons ago. Nowadays, I'm told you need to network, network, network and tell everyone you know that you're looking for a job, and forget it if you don't have the right keywords on your CV (aka resume). If a computer doesn't find the right ones, human eyes may not even see your CV.

I love your movie scene, though, and I'm sure that type of thing still happens, but timing is key. Unfortunately, I've never had quite the right timing. The majority of my jobs started out as temp assignments, where I had the chance to prove that I really am good, even if I can't translate that into words on 1 or 2 pieces of paper.

Good luck with both the job and flat searches! You'll land where you're supposed to go, even if it's not exactly when you thought it would be.

Bob Keim said...

You should apply to Google. Your written directions and voice telling one to turn this way of the other from an Android would make going to the grocery store an exciting adventure.

Shop Girl said...

haha, great plan Bob, I like the idea of that!

Thanks Skye... I suppose it depends what you are looking for. The trouble with internet applications etc you feel like you are sending CVs off into a void! But I think I need to be proactive and also patient...XX