Friday, 12 August 2011

Shop Girl Diaries - The Audio Book

You're on the train, squashed in between an armpit and a rucksack.
A pony tail tickles your nose.
It belongs to a woman in front of you, who's talking (too loudly) about a wild night out.
You want to tell her it's too early to be talking about these things, but she's wearing new trainers and you're afraid.
More people squeeze in.
Even the smug people with kindles can't raise their arms to read.
You close your eyes and breath deeply.
You're so glad you decided to buy it on I-tunes.
Leaning a little on the rucksack behind you, you dig into your pocket and press play on your mobile.
The lively voice speaks into your ear... telling you a story that makes you forget where you are and where you're going.
The Audio Book has arrived.
Enjoy and please give it a good rating!

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