Tuesday 27 September 2011

My Blog Mojo

I’ve always said, rather smugly, that I don’t believe in ‘Writer’s Block'. You can always write, just sometimes it’s total rubbish. Real 'Writer’s Block' requires a boxer in between you and your laptop. Yet lately I’ve been squirming as the time lapse between my blog posts grows. Have I lost my blog mojo?

After three years of writing weekly here on Shop Girl Diaries, it’s getting tough. It doesn’t help that we’ve closed our shop where all the stories came from.

I could blame twitter. Being on twitter is like standing in a room full of people shouting out random facts. Some are yelling about human rights violations, mocking politicians, analysing the economic climate and calling on fellow tweeters to stage demonstrations around the world. Others are constantly updating me with publishing news, author events, blogging tips, writing competitions and book reviews. In the middle of it all, someone dull tells me they’ve just had a cup of tea. (I delete them).

Faced with such overwhelming information, I ask myself, is there anything left to say?

Perhaps the problem is that I’m writing more than ever. Offline I’m fully immersed in my new novel. It’s cooking slowly and steadily like stew and I can’t wait to dish it up. But meanwhile a blog can’t sit around getting dusty.

The clock is ticking. I’ve got a week to find my blog mojo.


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling and believe me, your mojo is out there somewhere. My advice? Take a nap. It works wonders for me. In the meantime . . . you could have a cup of tea. :)

Shop Girl said...

Thanks for the comment! How long should the nap be? Are we talking days or weeks? :) In fact you've given me a boost and I sense the glow of my blog mojo on the horizon already!

Stacy S. Jensen said...

I found your blog via a RT. I don't drink tea, but I sometimes share a bit of chocolate news. I don't really mind if a writer's blog gets dusty every now and then. I'm good at finding my way back when a person blogs again. Good luck with the new work.