Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Operation Colombia (with ALL the family)

I've just handed in an edited draft of Spray Painted Bananas to my agent and I'm now leaving the country so she can't hand it back!

Destination: Colombia
Mission: To bond with Colombian family and make happy memories.
Participants: Just me. And my Mum. Dad. Auntie. Uncle. Oh and husband, although he's on another flight which will take him on the scenic route. Bad luck husband.
Profile and Travel History:
MUM: A keen walker, she is often found on the Camino de Santiago, Spain. She likes to recall her trip to Morrocco in the 70s. I like to tease her about it.
Hopes: To see a Capybara
Fears:  She has packed all the wrong clothes
DAD:  A keen walker, with exceptionally long legs, he is also often on the Camino de Santiago, where he is known to have once lost a shoe. He visited China on business during the 90s, bringing back gifts of faux designer t-shirts, and there is photographic evidence that he has also been to Mexico.  
Hopes: To see Cartagena de Las Indias
Fear: Altitude sickness

Mum, Dad, Auntie on the Camino de Santiago - photo by Uncle
AUNTIE: Another regular on the Camino de Santiago. She recently travelled to Nepal to visit her daughter where she did paragliding (RESPECT), rode an elephant and slept in a rat infested hostel. On her return, she discovered she had contracted the travel bug.
Hopes: To Ride a Horse
Fears:  Riding a Horse

Adventurous Uncle and Auntie in Nepal
UNCLE: Ditto Camino de Santiago. He always boasts the best equipment for every climate and is the most likely to have researched our upcoming destination. He also journeyed to Nepal to visit said daughter, did paragliding (RESPECT), rode an elephant and slept in a rat infested hostel.
Hopes: To see glorious countryside
Fears: Mosquitoes and getting kidnapped.

Amazing Backpacking Days with Rachel Surtees!
As for me, this will be my third trip to Colombia. The first time I went as a backpacker, the second time to meet my future parents-in-law and now as confirmed daughter-in-law bringing four member of the family! What could possibly go wrong?

Hopes: That everyone has a great time!
Fears: Being unable to say 'no' to street hawkers, my Dad talking proudly about the conquistadors... and anyone falling off a horse!  



Anonymous said...

Good luck! we wished we could be there with you all.

Shop Girl said...

Thank you! We are nearly ready! I'm sorry you can't all be there too - the balcony is still free I think! ;) X