Friday, 13 September 2013

Is this Goodbye Shop Girl Diaries?

It's that time of year when your children fly the nest, isn't it?
I was a receptionist for the day and someone cancelled their appointment because they'd forgotten their son was leaving for university.
Are you feeling emotional? Your little baby is all grown up. You might be reflecting on all that effort you put in. All that soggy Weetabix you mopped up. All those games you played, all those stories you read over and over until you could recite them in your sleep; all those nights of interrupted sleep. And there were times when you thought a bottle of wine would help, momentarily forgetting that the only thing worse than a hangover is a hangover with children.
If you think I don't know what I'm talking about, you're right. I don't have kids.
But I did write a book, which means I've put up with tantrums (my own), mopped up impatient tears (my own) and had sleepless nights over its development. And yet it was the best thing I've ever done. Like your child. What a perfect child, even if it's not half as cute as it was the day you first set eyes on it, unlike my book which hasn't aged a bit.
While you'll be saying goodbye to your baby, I'll shortly be saying goodbye to my book. As I'm not with Salt Publishing anymore, it will soon be out of print. I can't pretend it doesn't fill me with horror. For so long, Shop Girl Diaries has defined me, has been my greatest achievement.
On the other hand it's probably time to let go. After all I've got so many jiffy bags. I'm drowning in them. If I taped them all together I could make a patchwork quilt for a King Size Bed. But that wouldn't be fair. Jiffy bags are designed for carrying books across the world. I have less than 10 copies of Shop Girl Diaries in my possession. Buy one and you'll be giving a jiffy bag a home. And that would make me very happy indeed.
It's sad to say goodbye to your baby but don't worry, they'll be back for food and clean clothes soon enough. In fact, let's be honest, they'll probably be back living with you before you know it, since rent is high and they'll be lucky to find a job in this climate. In fact, there's no reason for those tears, is there? You may as well put their sheets back on their beds now.
Meanwhile if there are any authors out there with out of print books, who have advice on dealing with the grief... or want to share their experience, I'd love to hear from you...

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