Monday, 20 January 2014

Shop Girl Diaries Launches on Kindle

I'm very happy to announce Shop Girl Diaries is finally available on kindle. This is the book that began as a blog that also became a short film starring the hilarious Katy Wix (Miranda, Not Going Out).

It's set in a world made up of shoppers, suitors and chandeliers. There's also a window cleaner that really gets on my nerves, a vomiting dog and a ridiculous amount of doughnuts. It's about lamps, love and a burning desire to become a writer. It also has some Salsa dancing thrown in for good measure.

On Set:Teaching Annette Badland
and Katy Wix how to pin crystal!
The independent lighting shop is the co-star of the story, as mother and daughter try to close down but just can’t seem to manage it due to a loyal following of colourful and bizarre customers.

For a taster, watch the film below, which was recently shown at The London Short Film Festival. If you've ever worked in retail, (or with the general public!) I think you'll love it... And if not, well, at least it was only £2.58! 

Download Shop Girl Diaries from
Download Shop Girl Diaries from

I hope you enjoy it! 

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