Sunday, 11 May 2014

A Day Out at Harper Collins

You'll never guess where I was on Friday... 

Yes, Harper Collins. The Security was surprisingly lax. I slipped into the Harper Impulse party without a problem. Next minute I was being offered cupcakes and champagne as if I was one of their authors... oh wait. Let me just pinch myself. 

Did you know Harper Collins have their own water bottles? 

"You didn't take one?" My husband asked, disappointed. 

No. I'm classy like that. I didn't take home a traffic bollard either. I regret it now. The water bottle not the bollard. 

Coming from North London I thought Hammersmith was a bit of a mission but then I heard the distance the other authors had travelled. Hereford, Blackpool, Northumberland and San Fransisco were just some of the places they'd come from! 

After a workshop with Sunil Singhvi, Head of Entertainment for Twitter UK, Harper Impulse talked about their vision for the future and then it was off to the pub. It was there that I had an impromptu meeting with the editors about the editorial notes they'd given me on my novel. 

"When do you want it by?" I asked. 
"Four weeks?" 

Now I'm thinking it was the wine talking.

There wasn't enough time to meet everyone which was a shame, but the authors I did meet were the kind of people I wish I could hang out with more often. One by one they departed wheeling their bags off to train stations. Being so close to home, I felt it only right to stay till the very end. 

Photo by author Wendy Jones

Now the party is over and the tricky editing process must begin! 4 weeks to go... 

READY, STEADY... ... cup of tea? 


naomi said...

Congrats Emily! Sounds like you had a blast. Good luck with the editing process :)

Emily Benet said...

Thank you Naomi! The edit is going... just GOING... not sure if well or not, but I'll keep you posted!

Thanks for reading, Emily :)