Thursday, 30 April 2015

Pen Heaven Competition: My Workstation Photo Entry

If I'm ever accidentally locked in a shop, let it be a stationery shop! I would happily spend the night scribbling and highlighting and sticking and glittering and cutting and stapling and folding and felt-tipping! Are any of those real verbs? Who cares! 

LOST - Replacement needed!
Frankly, I'm still in mourning after losing my beloved leather bound notebook after it fell out of a badly zipped up suitcase on a plane. A 3rd year wedding anniversary present and something I thought I'd have for life. I have yet to replace it, which is why I really want to win this competition!

Yes, this is my entry for Pen Heaven's Competition for Stationery Week. The photo is also going to serve as a memento of my time writing in North London. This Sunday I'm moving to Mallorca and tonight my beloved workstation will be packed up. 

I've had my £19 Ikea desk for 10 years and I've written 3 books on it, two of which have been published. The cork boards are what I plot on, one post-it note for each chapter. The mug, which reads Go Away I'm Editing, is always topped up with tea, and although half my life is online, I always, always, have a physical notebook on the go! 

I'm sure it won't take me long to recreate my work station whichever country I'm in, but some lovely stationery would be such a treat!

Check out the delicious Pen Heaven Stationery at


Lindsay said...

Good luck with the move and send us a picture of your new writing space,

Zemkarlos said...

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Raymond said...

I love to see that other people are as finicky about their writing tools as I am. I'm a businessman, not a writer, but I still insist on using something a little more upscale than a plain notepad for taking notes in meetings and such. I have to settle for imitation leather, though, since I go through so many notebooks.

Raymond @ CKS Global Solutions LTD