Saturday, 16 May 2015

Alone in Mallorca - Blogging to Stay Sane

First evening alone - a good start!
What do you do when you move to a foreign land and you don't know anyone? 

Obviously you go get your nails done. At least that's where I went to seek out emotional support. I had hoped for a lively woman my age who would chat easily, invite me out for a drink that evening and within days become a really great friend. Too much to ask from a manicure? Yes. 

The reality was a surly, middle-aged woman who wasn't interested in talking, but did say I was bound to meet other Brits soon enough. I felt a bit miffed. For the record, I haven't moved to Mallorca to seek out an ex pat community. I've come to meet all nationalities. Technically I'm not even an ex pat anyway, as I'm half Spanish, though evidently my accent needs a polish. 

The woman only softened when it was time to pay. Did I seem too desperate? I hadn't spoken to anyone in two days and I have no reliable internet connection at the moment. In fact if this blog goes up, it's because I've found an internet cafe*. (*The noughties called, it wants its internet cafe back!) 

As I left the nail salon, a treacherous voice whispered: Why did you leave the country where all your friends are? But another voice, who has been through this once before, replied, Patience, it will all be worth it... 

Since my time at the nail salon had failed to fulfill my emotional needs, I embraced retail therapy instead. There's a brilliant Chinese shop beneath our flat. In Spain, a Chino shop sells everything under the sun; from mops and buckets, to earrings and dog food. I LOVE CHINO SHOPS and I started to feel more upbeat as I wandered up and down the aisles finding things on my list. 

My Trainers' First Outing in Mallorca
Lists, I feel, are key to survival while alone in a new place. Well, they are for me. Maybe you're unfazed by being alone. My husband is arriving in 4 days and I'm really looking forward to his company. Meanwhile I'm writing lists to focus myself and not succumb to a strange urge to just sleep. 

My list ranges from going for an exploratory run (TICK) to buying rubbish bags (TICK) to writing a blog (TICK) and buying a cork board to carry on plotting my novel (TICK). 

I feel much better for writing all this down. It was either blog or start talking to myself. Thanks for reading lovely people. 

Right, next on my list is finding an internet cafe... found one!


Unknown said...

I have been there! I ended up crying in Starbucks after four days telling myself I couldn't give up yet. I ended up joining a book club and a running club... now I'm desperate to go back as I miss all my friends.

You will be fine. And we are all just an internet cafe away.

Emily Benet said...

Thanks Brigid! A book club sounds a really good idea. I think once internet is set up at home, I'll feel more orientated and will able to... I don't know, google BOOK CLUB?! It's such a beautiful place, I just need to be courageous and get myself out there! XX

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! For what it's worth, I think you're really brave and I'm always in awe of people who make such dramatic lifestyle changes. I'm sure you'll meet your tribe in your new home; in my experience, friendships form when and where you least expect, when something clicks into place. Good luck in your new country :-)

Emily Benet said...

Thank you Hayley! I have just found out an old school friend from my Spanish school moved to Mallorca a year ago. To make it even better he's having a big birthday soon so it's a great chance to meet people! I will hang in there. Thanks so much for reading and for the encouragement! :)