Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The non-stylish lifestyle blog

My friend told me she hated the term 'lifestyle blogger'. She probably didn't realise it was scribbled across the header of my blog. It made me consider what a lifestyle blog should be.

Stylish Living?

A proper lifestyle blog should probably have lots of glamorous and uplifting interior design shots. The perfect home. The peaceful oasis. Japanese or Nordic-inspired furnishings. I did share a picture of our 'cactus wall' once. Unfortunately, the chilli plant has since died...

Stylish Eating?

Possibly a lifestyle blog should include the occasional healthy recipe and artistic snaps of mouth-watering dishes. I tried to take a picture of my smoothie one morning, but it came out too dark. I also can't find conclusive evidence that juice is good for you.

Once I googled: Is orange juice good for you? 

The first articles to appear were: 7 Impressive Benefits of Orange Juice and Why juice is slowing killing you! I'm no expert so I'd hate to mislead anyone with pretty pictures.


Any self-respecting lifestyle blog should probably mention the word sustainable every so often. All these instagrammers posting pictures of takeaway coffee cups and cocktails littered with straws may as well be posting textagrams with: I heart landfill or Kill all the turtles! 

Too harsh? Maybe. But If only 7% of all plastic is recycled then it's worth considering whether it might be better to suck up the inconvenience of say, proper plates at a party, rather than using plastic ones which will hang around the planet for hundreds of years. Just throw it away? In the words of Greenpeace: There is no such thing as away

Okay, as you can see, I'm down with the trying to be more eco thing... 

Stylish DIY Ideas?

I've got one! I upgraded our knackered herb dispenser last night by spray painting it bright red so that's an idea you can have if you like... you're welcome!

To be honest I don't know if it would have been more eco to throw it away rather than repainting it, but it makes me happy when I look at it and I believe you should indulge your creative urges. I'm thinking of funking up an old terracotta pot with white and red stripes next. 


It's may not be the sleekest lifestyle blog, but I hope you enjoy it.  I'd always be happy to hear your suggestions and what you'd love more of! 


Lindsay said...

I think it depends whether someone is trying to preach/teach about what they should do, or is simply writing about their lifestyle/activities etc. Personally I'd never follow the blog of someone telling me what I should or shouldn't eat, or what to wear or how I should decorate my house! But if I think someone is doing something interesting like writing books and living somewhere gorgeous, and clearing up plastic from beaches and restoring old herb dispensers, then I'll follow them. I've learned things from your blog! And I love your up-cycled herb dispenser.

Emily Benet said...

Ah Lindsay, you're so wonderful. I was feeling a bit meh and you've made me feel a hundred and fifty five times better. Thank you for reading and for always being so encouraging! I really like my herb dispenser too and just keep looking around the house wondering what else I can spray paint... laptop too risky? :)

Lindsay said...

Glad it cheered you up. I'll advise against spraying paniting the laptop, but suggest a bunch of bananas instead.

Lindsay said...

Paniting? Maybe you can panit a laptop.

Emily Benet said...

I should. Paniting is all the rage now. I should probably have blogged about it already!