Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Two Books and a Baby

27th October 2017

Dear Daughter-in-law and baby,
I hope you are enjoying your pregnancy - it's one of the most beautiful stages in your life...

At which point I have to stop reading the email to run to the toilet to throw up.

(Extract from The Pregnancy Diaries)


Nine years after the publication of Shop Girl Diaries, I've been writing a very different kind of diary! The Pregnancy Diaries. It's an experience I couldn't resist writing about, but which I didn't want to make public until I'd reached the third trimester.

I'm being very old-fashioned about it, writing only in pen and paper. Typing it up will be quite a job as I've used the inkiest of biros and it's all very messy!

At the moment though, the typing up of my diary is not my top priority; finishing my next novel is! I've got a bump-shaped deadline reminding that I haven't got long. I always thought 9 months sounded quite a lot, but time is flying! Baby is due on the 30th May - although only 5% of babies arrive on their due date - so let's see what happens.

I'm hoping to finish my 5th novel by then. Two books and a baby. Sounds good to me. As you can imagine, the DH (dear husband) and I are very excited. 


If you haven't read Shop Girl Diaries, it's available in ebook format from Amazon for just 99p!


Julie Cordiner said...

Sounds great, Emily - will look forward to seeing it. Although you will be fairly occupied once baby arrives, so I wouldn't count on having much time for editing if you don't do it now! Mind, I have a slightly different perspective as I had twin boys when my fighter was only 2. Can't remember an awful lot about those early months!

Emily Benet said...

Thank you, Julie! I think Autumn would be more realistic or Summer 2019 haha. But we will see! Twins plus one definitely sounds like a challenge! I won't stress out over it. If it takes longer, it takes longer. I want to be there 100% for the baby rather than juggle her with writery stuff! After all, it's been just me and writing for a loooooong time :)