Saturday 22 September 2012

New Challenge: A Serialised Novel

I’ve accepted a challenge to write a serialised novel.
If I manage to come up with 35,000 words by the beginning of November my book will be featured on Wattpad, which is a huge online platform for writers.
Normally that amount of words would take me about 6 months so I’m excited but also quaking in my socks.  
The book is about Amber, a feisty young woman on a mission to blag her way into the bizarre world of Conceptual Art; her plan, of course, being to grab some fame and fortune.
The novel will be a light, upbeat romantic comedy, unless the pressure gets to me, in which case I’ll start killing off characters. 
To be honest, my plotting has barely begun but I have a cork board and post-it notes so there’s hope.
I don’t know why I think I can pull a novel out of my pocket in a few weeks but I believe in saying ‘Yes’ when an opportunity arises.  
If my blog starts to look neglected, now you'll know why.
But I won’t be away for long.  
The first chapter of  Spray Painting Bananas has already been written. Now I need a book cover.
To read my serialised novel, you'll need to sign up and find me on Wattpad which is quick and completely free. Once registered, you'll be able to browse through a huge variety of stories and novels.
I'll let you know when my first chapter is up.
Wish me luck, I'm going to need it! 


Lindsay said...

I do wish you you luck but I'm sure you're up for it. What a challenge. I look forward to hearing about it and reading your endeavours.

Shop Girl said...

Thanks Lindsay! I'm stabbing scraps of paper into my cork board at this v moment.

I think I've been getting a bit serious - I want to have a bit of fun writing this!

Felicity Hayes-McCoy said...

Hi Emily, I suspect you're the lucky kind that makes her own luck! Hope you'll have fun and enjoy the challenge.

Shop Girl said...

Thanks Felicity! One of these days I might have to get a 'proper' job, meanwhile I'm going to grab this precious time while I can!

Let's hope the words flow!!

Anonymous said...

I've read the entire novel in one night. I may have been or may have not been up till 3 'o clock that night. Well:) I absolutly loved it. I still love it. Are you going to write another (romantic) novel ?

Shop Girl said...

Hi 'anonymous'! Always amazing to hear when someone couldn't put my book down! I hope you didn't feel too groggy in the morning. I'm right this minute plotting a new romantic comedy.

You can witness the evolution of the story and get involved on my facebook page!