Tuesday, 23 October 2012

ShopGirl: The Second Coming

Do you remember that chandelier shop on
Tower Bridge Road?

For over 2 years we were closing our shop.
We were closing so long that it became funny.
Have you seen the Shopgirl blog trailer?
You know the bit at the end where Blake Harrison does his cameo:

Blake: Are you closing?
Shopgirl (Katy Wix): Yeah
Blake: Not closing down though?
Shopgirl: Uh, yeah
Blake: But you’ll keep the shop, yeah?


Yeah, well, that was supposed to be a joke.
You see, at the end of our closing down sale, we moved our remaining stock upstairs and a vintage furniture and flag shop moved in called ‘Lost & Found’.
I suppose I should’ve known that while there were chandeliers in the building, it was not over.
The other give-away was that our stock kept growing.
I was working one day a week to help dress chandeliers for wholesale but not all of those lights left the building.
Most offices are illuminated with grim low energy lights but ours is heaving with sparkling crystal chandeliers.  
In the back of my mind I always knew these lights would eventually need to find a home.
And now the time has come.
The furniture and flag shop has announced they are leaving.
That means that there will be an empty shop below us.
You can guess the next part.
Well, there’s no point in keeping 150 chandeliers hidden away in an office, is there?
FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY (I’ve heard that before!) from November, the chandelier shop on Tower Bridge will be making a second appearance.
I don’t think there’s much point changing the shop name.
‘Lost & Found’ couldn’t be any more appropriate.

Our Chandelier Showroom
         (and yes, that is me trying not to laugh at the end)                 

To view some of our lights visit www.crystalpluslighting.com 
Or call:  0207 357 7244
Be warned, they are far more beautiful in the flesh. 


Anonymous said...

Fabulous blog - I've also watched the video on Youtube - it is excellent.

Shop Girl said...

Thank you so much :)

We're screening the video at Shortwave cinema next week - v excited about seeing it on the big screen!