Monday, 19 January 2015

The Birthday Invoice - Would you pay it?

Top Story of the Day! A 5 year old child is invoiced £15.95 for not turning up to a friend's birthday party. 

What can I say? Take it back, all you lot saying journalism is dumbing down. It tops last week's news story about the dog with different coloured eyes. Did the BBC lose a bet with Blue Peter? The dog had a number of possible new homes lined up so it's not like he was in desperate need of saving. 

Anyway, back to the scoop. Father finds invoice in child's school bag, all neatly typed up. Twitter explodes: 


The missed birthday party was no ordinary jelly and spider man extravaganza. This party involved a dry ski slope. Yes, a part of me is judging, and thinking someone holding a five year old birthday party on a dry ski slope must have a spare £15.95 knocking around. But it's the principle. 

Did the boy's parents confirm he was going? If it were written confirmation then I have some sympathy for Mrs Invoice. She was too trusting. She probably thought that 'Yes, I'm going,' meant that he was going. Clearly Mrs Invoice has not had enough experience organising events on facebook. If she had, then should would realise, 'Maybe' means 'No', and 'Yes' means 'Maybe'. 

I'm going to stick my neck out and say £15.95 is fair punishment for being flaky. This experience will help the boy in the future, even if he has no idea what is going on in the present. He'll now grow up into a considerate, reliable young man who will be there when he says he will. Most importantly, I hope he will be someone who is not afraid to say no to things he doesn't want to do. 

Hey... I wonder how many other parents got that invoice and didn't want to mention it? 

What would you do? Would you send one, and how would you feel if you got one?


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be so rude as to not RSVP in good time, but neither would I have the nerve to send an invoice! Both parties are at fault and neither comes out of the situation with any dignity. The "news" story is quite amusing, but leaves me wondering whether anybody (apart from me!) bothers with manners nowadays.

Gosh, I sound like an old codger! I am only 30, I swear, despite my fondness for manners, Newsnight and cups of tea...

Emily Benet said...

Ah, you are not alone. There are many of us, who are definitely not old codgers, who RSVP, watch newsnight and survive on cups of tea... ;) Thanks for reading Hayley!