Thursday, 15 January 2015

The moment you finish your novel...

And my blog makes it into 2015! Phew! 

Last night I was editing my new novel until midnight. Wide awake at 4.45 am, I decided I may as well get up and finish it off. I took this video to capture the moment:

The new book is called #PleaseRetweet and it's about a young woman (May Sparks) who takes on the job of looking after celebrities' social media profiles. In her words: 

"My job is to show the world the best side of a person. I'm specifically talking about the kind of person who given half a chance(or half a drink), will show the world their worst side. C and D list celebrities mainly; the loose cannons of the group. The ones who lash out, fall apart, reveal their prejudices at the slightest provocation and spew their guts across the Twittersphere." 

Fingers crossed Harper Collins like it! 

In other news, a box of copies of The Temp have arrived at my parents' chandelier shop in time for the launch next week. I'm looking forward to getting behind the till and signing some books! Maybe even some chandeliers? ... can you sign chandeliers?

I'll be on the radio this Saturday 17th January talking to Claire Hickson (@musicnostalgic) of Meridian FM about The Temp and I'll be choosing music for Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Blue

Tune in from 10am - 12am on and there's a tunein app if you have slow broadband. 

Well, that's as far as I've got this 2015... I'm off to plan my blog calendar! (What was it you wanted me to blog about again?)

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