Thursday 19 March 2015

Confession: The Real Reason I'm Selling My Furniture.

So I may not have been entirely straight with you about my reasons for having a Spring Clean. Don't get me wrong, I do clean when I need an idea for a novel, but I don't go as far as trying to sell my furniture on Twitter, which is what I've been doing lately. 

In my workshops. I preach that you shouldn't bombard people with sales pitches on social media, and here I am, trying to sell a 2000 pocket sprungmattress and a leather sofa (subtle or what?).

Do you know what my favourite daytime TV show is? It's A Place in the Sun. If you don't know it, it's a property show,  where a British Couple is shown around a sunny part of the world looking for the right house. Usually the couple is approaching retirement age or already retired. It always seemed a shame to me to wait so long until you could enjoy the sunshine and a life lived outdoors. I'd look longingly at the Spanish fincas; bougainvillea climbing up the walls, a sundrenched terrace inviting me in, making me imagine every meal enjoyed al fresco.  

Have you guessed where I'm going with this yet?
It just so happens my husband and I are part of trend of people in their 30s leaving London, hoping for a better quality of life and a flat that costs less than half a million pounds.The only difference is we're not moving North as so many are, we're leaving the country.  
We're going to Spain. Mallorca, specifically. We both speak Spanish, half my family live on the mainland... is it so crazy?
This is how a conversation went with a patient at the osteopath, (where I work,) on hearing I was moving:

Patient: Wow. Have you spent loads of time out there then and fallen in love with the place?
Me: Uh, no. I don't really know it at all. I only went once for a wedding. My husband didn't come though. He's only been there once for three days.
Patient: But you have friends out there? Family?
Me: No, we don't know anyone on the island at all. Not a soul.
Patient: So you've never really been and you don't know anyone there...  so, why are you moving?
Me: (shrugs) Why not? We don't own anything and we don't have kids. If it's a disaster, we can always come back.
So there you have it, dear readers. We are packing up shop and seeing what life on a Balearic island is like. It's only down the road really, isn't it? We'll be back all the time. In fact, I'm already booked to come back for a Self Publishing Conference and Winchester Writers' Festival, so please do keep offering me jobs!

Good, I'm glad I've got that off my chest. Now I can focus on plotting my next novel. You'll never guess where it's set... 

(If you do happen to know anyone who needs a very comfortable double bed, or a sofa, please share the info. Free delivery withing M25! Thanks a million.)


Helen Barbour said...

Wow, I'm envious - I watched that recent Wanted in Paradise series and wondered how people ever get up the courage to do that kind of thing. Well done, you - you'll have a blast.

Lindsay said...

I wish you all the best in your move, and can't help feeling a bit envious. Thank goodness for the world wide web allowing people to stay in touch with little effort!

At last having got some other books on my TBR pile off the list, I am enjoying The Temp. Just what I need as work is going bonkers and driving me mad. Can't wait for the next one. Please make sure it's not in Spanish though.

Emily Benet said...

@HelenBarbour The thing is, as soon as we started thinking about it semi-seriously, I suddenly couldn't imagine not going! I've been fancying an adventure for a while!

@Lindsay Ha, no don't worry, the next one is coming out soon and it's definitely in English! Thanks to Facebook it will feel like I've never gone ;)

Julie said...

that's so exciting!! Go for it, I'm sure it will be amazing!!!

Emily Benet said...

Thanks for the enthusiasm Julie! I'm really looking forward to a change of scenery :)

philippa_moore said...

Well, I moved from Australia TO London (!) but the situation was similar - I'd never been here before (actually had never left the Southern Hemisphere full stop), knew a handful of people but no one I could ask to help me hide a body or anything like that, and just longing to be somewhere different and have an adventure for a while.

"If it doesn't work out, I'll just go home," I told myself and others. Eight years later, I'm still here! Whether I'll be here forever who knows, but I'm happy. Life has a funny way of rewarding us when we take chances, and taking us to just the right place when we need to be there.

All the best with your move and I'm sure it will fire up your creativity like nothing else, the way moving to London did for me. Can't wait to hear more! xx

Emily Benet said...

Thanks @Philippa! That's really encouraging! Australia to London is a much bigger move so well done you! Hahaha, so basically my move should be easy, right? I think you're right and it will fire up my creativity... looking forward to writing out there, and exploring! :) X