About Me

Hello! I'm a half-Spanish, half-Welsh, London-born writer now living on the beautiful island of Mallorca. Got it? Me neither. What matters is that wherever I've lived, my obsession with writing has followed!  

My debut book Shop Girl Diaries was commissioned and published by Salt Publishing after they spotted my weekly blog about working in my Mum's chaotic chandelier shop. Later, with director Chloe Thomas we wrote the script for a short film Shop Girl Blog which was filmed inside the shop starring Katy Wix (Not Going Out). It was selected for The London Short Film Festival 2014. 

My Blog was winner of the 
CompletelyNovel Author Blog Award 2010

I wrote my next novel Spray Painted Bananas on the online platform Wattpad. It reached over one million hits and led to me signing with MBA literary agency. It has since been published by Harper Collins under the new title The Temp

After the big influence social media has had on my career, how could I resist writing #PleaseRetweet? It's a comedy about society's obsession with social media and tells the story of May Sparks, the voice behind C-list celebrities.  

My latest novel is The Hen Party. It's about a group of five hens who win a one-week trip to Mallorca to be filmed for The Hen Party Reality TV show. It's not going to run smoothly. The director has her own agenda and the girls have plenty of secrets they're hiding. The novel starts with the director turning up at the hens' villa to find them all missing. The novel reveals bit by bit what went wrong through the different perspectives of the girls. 

The book was partly inspired by my move to Mallorca. My husand and I ditched city living for a more outdoorsy lifestyle. We hardly knew the place but we soon fell in love with it. It felt natural to set a book on the island and I don't think it will be the last either!  

I'm also a regular contributor for abcMallorca magazine.   

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If you would like me to speak at an event, run a workshop, guest blog or write an article for your publication, please e-mail me at: emily@emilybenet.com



Visitinghousesandgardens said...

Is the lighting shop open again?

Shop Girl said...

Yes it is! Although if you're planning a visit best to call and check someone is there 0207 357 7244.