Friday 27 May 2011

Shop Girl Changes her Colours

Enough is enough!
The longer I go without writing, the harder it’s going to get.
Soon I won’t be able to spell my own name.
I’ve got a new one of those.
Well, I might have. My passport doesn’t run out for 4 years so I’ve still got time to decide.
You probably thought I was on my honey moon. I was not.
But I have been busy.
This week I cast aside my Shopgirl identity and took to the streets as Promogirl.
I had been waiting for my first mission for quite some time.
Previous calls to duty had coincided with my wedding week, which I was not going to cancel over £8.50 an hour.
On Tuesday my time finally came and I donned bright orange and took to the streets of London to promote a special sort of swaying stool.
I wasn’t exactly saving the world but I felt happy setting off into the sunshine with my leaflets.
The question of how to write and make some money has been an ongoing worry of mine.
The suggestions have always been the same: teaching English or doing translations.
I taught English for a year and during that time I hardly wrote at all.
Instead I spent my evenings cutting up magazines and designing ‘educational’ games to keep my students happy.
As for translation work, please send some over because I can’t find any.
Promogirl is a refreshing new option.
I like the idea of going somewhere different each day and I love that I can choose when to work.
Best of all, as it’s not a ‘proper’ job it makes me feel even more like a real writer!