Wednesday 1 May 2019

The Pregnancy Diaries - Out Now!

Pregnancy wasn't something I felt comfortable blogging about, but since I felt an urge to jot down my thoughts and feelings, I decided to keep an old-school diary instead. I wrote much of it in the early hours of the morning with a mug of hot milk. Perhaps I was channelling my future baby...

In my book, I share my thoughts on impending motherhood and how I prepared for a birth without fear. Being a largely positive account of pregnancy and childbirth, I think it's suitable as a gift for pregnant friends or relatives - or anyone curious about the journey! 

About the Book

Pregnancy was one experience journalist and author, Emily Benet, wasn’t ready to share on her blog. Instead she kept a diary, which she mostly wrote at 3.15am with a mug of hot milk.

What kind of mother will I be? Will I be able to breastfeed? Why is childbirth so painful when our bodies are perfectly designed for it? Will physical and mental preparation help towards a good birth? Do Japanese women eat sushi during pregnancy? How big is a rutabaga? What is a rutabaga? Why does my pregnancy app want me to organise an emergency escape route out of my flat? These questions, and more, occupied her thoughts as her belly grew.

By sharing her diary, Emily hopes to add a positive narrative in a landscape flooded with fear and grim stories. Her wish is for expectant mothers to feel empowered and encouraged, and to trust themselves, and their bodies, on the transformational journey to new life.