Thursday 6 September 2012

My New Book: Short Stories for Busy Adults

Now Available on Amazon Kindle
I have a love-hate relationship with short stories. 
How can they be so short and yet so difficult to write?
Sometimes it feels like trying to squeeze a horse into a jam jar.
I’ve started stories and left them brewing for years before finishing them off.
Other times I fall so deeply into my fictional world that if you were to interrupt me I’d stare at you blankly and wonder where I was.
My favourite stories were written in short bursts when I’ve been gripped by a sense of urgency to get the words down. I feel like if I don’t write the whole thing in one go I’ll never be able to finish it.
After all this time writing short stories it made sense to publish a collection and here is it:
Why ‘busy’? Because the stories are short enough to slip into a busy day but long enough to offer escape!
The collection includes 10 stories which have either been shortlisted, highly commended or performed at literary events.
Comedy and drama appear side by side. There are characters in love, in denial, insane, in character and one who just can’t make his mind up.
It’s available on kindle for just £1.49 – less than the coffee you’ll drink with it!
So please buy it and spread the word to all short story lovers.
I really hope you enjoy it. And if you do, an review on Amazon would make my day!

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