Friday 20 December 2013

Shopgirl Blog at The London Short Film Festival

It seems incredible that we filmed Shopgirl Blog all the way back in June 2009. I sound so young and excited in my post Take 1, Camera, Action!  It has been a long process and despite positive feedback, I had stopped expecting anything to come out of it. It was a real surprise when the director, Chloe Thomas, told me it had been selected for The London Short Film Festival. Now I can't wait to see it on the big screen!
Shopgirl Blog is in the #FunnyShit category, which includes 16 other short films.
It will be shown on Friday 10th January, at 9pm
at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Mall
Book your tickets soon! I really hope you can make it!

On set at Mum's lighting shop -
Annette Badland as 'Mum', The Real Mum, Me, and Katy Wix as 'Shopgirl'


Julie said...

that's very cool, congratulations!

Emily Benet said...

Thank you! I wouldn't say no to doing a Shopgirl blog TV series... just saying :)

Lindsay said...

would love ShopGirl to be a TV series. I really think it would make a great one. Definitely worth staying in to watch! And then of course the film...definitely worth going out for.