Sunday, 4 May 2014

Forrest, I got the running bug!

I know, I know, sorry guys...
Don't tell my publishers but I don't feel like writing anymore. Nope, I just want to run. I caught the bug and I caught it bad. Forrest Gump, I get you now.

It started in Barcelona where I joined 73,000 people on a 10K fun run. There were people pushing buggies, others carrying their dogs and a man in a t-shirt which read '89 and still running...' The atmosphere was incredible. We got to run around the Olympic stadium and for one glorious moment, we felt like champions. Well, I did anyway...

Back in London, I wanted to do it again. I looked for 10k races but in the end signed up for the Hackney Half Marathon. It's on the 22nd June - want to join me? 

I've always set myself writing challenges, but this is the first physical challenge I've given myself in a long time. I remember a writer saying running helped her writing stamina. Well, we'll see about that!  

Today I ran a slow and steady 7 miles and reached beautiful Regent's Park. The sun was shining, Cuban beats were playing on my ipod and I'd finally worked out how to breathe and run at the same time.  I saw so many unusual birds I felt like I was on safari. Alright, so some of the birds were just pigeons, but there must be somewhere in the world where even they are exotic. London, I love you, I thought. Endorphins eh? Aren't they lovely.  

Once I get my editorial notes on my novel I'm sure I'll get my writing mojo back. Right now, all I want to do is run!

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