Friday 1 August 2014

Not convinced it's art? - 5 DIY Homages

Are you a doubter? Do you walk around conceptual art galleries and wonder if you're being conned? 

It's okay. My main character, Amber, felt like that too once. Amber was baffled at how seriously people could take absolutely anything if it was on display as art. 

For instance, take a three legged chair. Don't take it, I mean just imagine it. It's lying on the floor of course, because it can't stand up. 

Art reviewers might contemplate whether the chair is mocking our illusion of stability. Perhaps hinting at the fine line between life and death? Highlighting our faith in the temporary? Juxtaposing weakness and strength? 

You and I, and Amber of course, might just wonder what happened to the missing leg. 

But there is hope for Amber, who goes on to embrace her inner artist. And there is hope for the rest of us doubters too. Today I thought I'd follow her footsteps and embrace my own inner artist by paying homage to five of the 'greats'. I think it will completely change your perspective.

1. Damian Hirst (Methoxyverapamil)

2. Malevich (White on White)

3. Andy Warhol (Tomato Soup)

4. Duchamp (Fountain)

5. Tracey Emin (Bed)

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Thanks for reading! 


Lindsay said...

I so agree with Amber (my character, Xanthe, had a rant about art too) and can't wait to see her in her re-incarnation, The Temp. (Prefer Spray Painted Bananas myself.)

Emily Benet said...

A lot of people preferred Spray Painted Bananas but they think The Temp will have wider appeal! I have two questions for you, how do I pronounce Xanthe...and have you nearly finished your book?

Lindsay said...

Ah, Xanthe is pronounced Zanthy and it is finished but not going anywhere.