Sunday 21 September 2014

Worst Temp Jobs - which one was yours?

Part 1 out on 28th September!
With less than 10 days to go until the launch of TheTemp (Part 1), I'm feeling curious about what are the worst and best temp jobs people have ever done.

One of my least favourite was handing out leaflets at a furniture design fair. My employee's showroom was far away from the main hub and they were desperate for me to send potential customers their way. Worried I would throw the leaflets away instead of giving them out, they insisted I take photographic evidence that I'd done my job. In other words, I had to ask random strangers if I could take their picture with my leaflet. It was awkward for everyone. 

I also dressed up as a huge fluffy bear once. But I'm not sure I'm allowed to talk about that, in case kids read this and realise the character wasn't real. 

So I put this question to Twitter:

Thanks to everyone who replied, I'm sorry I couldn't include them all. Here are just some of them!

1. The Greasy One

2. The Factory Line One 

3. The No Talking One

4. The Smelly One 

 5. The Old-School One

6. The Rock n' Roll One  

7. The Classic Blueberries and Bear Poo One 

8.   The Mind-Numbing Ones

9. The Seasonal, Boozy One 

10. The One that sounds a bit like a Black Comedy

11. The Physically Challenging One

 12.  The AbFab One

13. The One with a Happy Ending! 

What about you? Go ahead and share your Temp job experience in the comments section! 


Joshua Francis said...

I had a temporary job working in a certain hobby store (a rather big chain, I won't mention their full name. I hear they have crafty lawyers.)
As someone who loves crafting I thought it was heaven, I soon realised it was hell. Big corporations just end up treating you like another peon and I hated most of my time there.

Emily Benet said...

Ah rubbish. You'll have to open your own craft store! Although that would entail loads and loads of work and you'd never get any time to do the crafting bit... so all in all it's a stupid idea and you should ignore me. Thanks for reading :)

jonathan pinnock said...

Haymaking. For some reason, it didn't occur to me that hay fever might be an issue.

N. L. Lumiere said...

Working for Credit Agricole in the Citicorp building NY with the rudest boss in the world. The upside was being able to look down on all the helicopters flying in to Wall Street and the Goodyear blimp as it drifted by below us on the 61st floor.