Thursday 22 June 2017

Goats or Boats - choosing a Mediterranean dream!

Prices for property in Mallorca are sky rocketing and we've been thinking it might be a good idea to look for somewhere to buy before it's too late. Yesterday we saw an old block with a huge perk. Direct access to the sea via a ladder from a concrete platform. Pretty special, right? Don't get too excited. The second bedroom was too small to swing a cat; too small for a comfortable visit. 

It had a great terrace though. You could grow a tomato plant in it. Not big enough for chickens. Certainly no goats. There are a lot of wild goats in Mallorca. We went on an excursion in our inflatable dingy and saw some walking along the cliffs. It was the highlight of my week.

Every time we set off in our little boat I marvel at how different my life is from what it was a few years ago living in the big city of London. We lower our little anchor, jump into the water for a snorkel, and then dry off in the sunshine, bobbing gently until I feel a bit seasick and we have to go back.

Before I moved toMallorca I was sure I'd choose mountains over sea every time. That's because my summer holidays in the pre-pyrenees in Catalonia were blissfully happy ones. I imagined we might look for a rustic stone-walled finca in the countryside.

Instead we got lucky with a beautiful flat with low rent in a lovely residential area outside Palma. If we could buy a place in our current neighbourhood, we would; unfortunately it's too expensive. 

Having spent two years just walking distance from the sea, I feel its immense value. An ever-changing and always uplifting view, relief from the stifling heat. Plus, we've got our boat now and need to make the most of it.

Back to those goats. There's nothing like seeing wild animals. No doubt we'd see lots  if we chose to take that apartment we saw yesterday because it's not all that far from Magaluf. It gets me thinking. Access to the sea is great, but is it still great if it's in a tourist bubble? If it's in a place which doesn't even resemble Spain any more?

I used to be a massive fan of the programme A Place in the Sun. I remember how the guests ummed and aahed over the compromises they would have to make. In my next book there's a retired couple who come to the island after a dream. Trouble is, they start to realise it's not the same dream.

A place in the sun? Well, I've got the sun bit. Now it's about working out what's the best place to enjoy it... on the budget we have!

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