Monday 16 March 2020

Covid-19 Diaries - Lockdown Day 2

Lockdown in Spain. At least the food is good.  

We woke up on Day 2 of lockdown to a rainy Mallorca. There was a sense of mild relief among the mums on my Whatsapp group. Bad weather was an easy explanation to give to their young children who didn't understand why they weren't going out again.

Not being able to explain to Sol why we aren't going to the park or meeting up with her friends is the hardest part. She asked after her little friend today. "Gabel?" she said, her brow scrunched up and her little palms open in question. "Gabel?" 

She's too little to even pronounce his name properly (Gabriel), but her face lights up when she sees him, and they have so much fun together. He only lives twenty minutes walk away but we won't be seeing him or anybody for who knows how long.

12 days doesn't sound so bad... but what if they ended up needing us to stay home longer? I don't entertain dark thoughts as a rule, but I do find getting to sleep has become difficult. My mind races.

Back to this morning. I paced up and down in front the glass door to our terrace looking out at the white sky and I was reminded of animals I'd seen at the zoo. I thought, HOW DARE WE! HOW DARE WE LOCK ANIMALS AWAY!

My husband, who once again fell asleep within minutes last night, initiated our morning dance session. We opted for Latin and Reggae. Our 21 month old embraced it wholeheartedly, waving her arms about and doing some great squats. Our dance morphed into an energetic work out. "Knees higher! Higher!" shouted my husband, as we marched around in circles on our square of astroturf, which we had bought instead of normal carpet.

Our day proceeded much like an ordinary rainy day. My husband has no work, but luckily I still have assignments for abcMagazine which I can get on with. He kept Sol entertained while I wrote. Thanks to a toy exchange with my friend at our last supper pre-lockdown, we have acquired a dolly buggy which Sol has enjoyed all day. 

My mums' whatsapp group was busy as mum's showcased their creativity. A lockdown is a real test of character and I felt full of admiration for some of the mums who were being so resourceful and upbeat. Some people have more room than others. But whatever space they had they were making the best out of it: from building ramps, making costumes, inventing motor skill exercises with egg boxes and cotton buds and baking.

Room, space... Nothing like a lockdown to make you think about how unequally land is divided in our society. On the streets behind us our large mansions with big gardens. These are mostly unoccupied holiday homes belonging to people who rarely visit. Imagine how wonderful that space would be to all those families in lockdown in small flats with no outdoor area.

I'm grateful for our terrace. I'm grateful for a long corridor which is perfect for a little person on a tricycle. I'm grateful I have the keys to my neighbour's flat which she says I can use if we start to feel claustrophobic!

Never has a terrace, or balcony, been so important.  Thanks to balconies people are uniting in solidarity. In Alicante my brother and another neighbour from the apartment complex have been Djing from their respective balconies from 6-7pm. People on neighbouring terraces have been coming out to dance. 

In Barcelona, a video captures a keyboardist playing Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On from Titanic from his balcony and a trumpeter accompanying from another balcony. It's moments like these that bring tears to your eyes and makes you realise HUMANS HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO BE AMAZING. 

Let's show the world how amazing we can be during these difficult times ahead. Let's dig deep and find every scrap of imagination, creativity, inventiveness, heart, passion, compassion and strength for now - and for our lives to come.

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