Monday, 30 August 2010

Video Malfunction and the Little Cow

I miss my friends and crave a proper catch up in a pub with a pint and a packet of crisps (salt & vinegar).
“You have to think of yourself as a monk,” Petra says.
She’s the only person I can talk to on Skype without a problem.
It refuses to cooperate when I try to speak to Mum.
Either the video works for her and she can see me, or it works for me and I can see her.
We can’t see each other at the same time.
Only once we’ve resigned to chatting without a video, the audio dies and we have to hang up.
At least I can talk to Petra.
She reminds me of what I already know. One of the reasons I came to Bogotá was to write my book.
I’m not living like a monk and I am writing more than ever.
My writing is diabolical but I just need to get the ideas on paper.
Hopefully it will become readable during the editing process.
Despite odd moments of longing for home, life is good.
The Fiancé’s family feed me as if every day was Christmas.
Last weekend we went up to La Calera, a pretty town up a mountain, close to Bogotá.
We stopped in a busy open air restaurant where they were grilling all sorts of animal parts.
A vegetarian would’ve had to content themselves with a plate of guacamole.
As for me, I loved it.
We all ate out of a single big basket and there was so much, we were still eating it the following day.
Talking of Christmas (sort of), I’m convinced I’m living with Mrs Santa Claus.
My mother in-law is so generous and is always buying me treats.
Last week in Bogotá book fair they were selling boxes of plasticine.
It made my fingers twitch.
My mother in law didn’t think twice about buying a box.
A couple of days later, I was rolling it between my fingers with a big grin on my face.
It was a moment of bliss. I felt about six years old as I made my little cow.
Would I have made that cow if I’d been in London?
I can’t be sure.
The great thing about being here is having the time and space to create.
It’s good I’m staying a while longer.
That pint and those salt & vinegar crisps will taste even better if I come back with a book half written.


Anonymous said...

I miss the Colombian food. I hope you enjoy the "travel" through our childhood favorites that the Fiancé has prepared. I envy you :)

your SiL

Anonymous said...

Your cow is a cute little fella. Doesn't it feel good to go back and do the things you did as a child, back when everything didn't have to be perfect and you could just let your imagination go wild?

Glad to hear you're writing a lot. Personally, my inspiration comes in spurts, and if I don't take advantage when it's there, it doesn't stick around. I love being in the midst of it, it's like an adrenalin rush. Just wish it would come around more often.

Shop Girl said...

Skye, I don't think I'd do anything if I waited for inspiration! I think you just got to work through it when you're not in the mood and after a while you slip into a rhythm. It can be very slow going!

I need to make a friend for my cow now... X