Sunday 19 April 2020

Covid-19 Diaries - Lockdown Day 36 - The world is my kitchen draining board

This is not a political blog so I'm absolutely not going to mention that I recently asked Google whether Trump was a psychopath. Neither will I share that Google requested a more challenging question.

It's not a political blog so I will not mention that I'm disgusted by Spanish politicians using a pandemic in which 20,000 nationals have already died, to bitch at each other in an attempt to further their careers and divisive political agendas.

No, I shall not mention megalomaniacs and egos so big they could sink continents.

From now on, I must limit my newsfeed because I have had a HUGE REALISATION.

It's this:


On a good day. 

It will never be tidy. It will never be completely clear. Even when I think I've achieved the impossible, a little glimmer will catch my eye and I will find a spoon lurking in the depth of the cutlery holder. Even when I've wiped that spoon and put it away and I think I have finally done it, as I back out of the kitchen I will notice in horror that I've completely overlooked my toddler's high chair where more crusty utensils are begging to be washed up, re-starting the whole process.

I am not going to give up trying to clear my kitchen draining board, but I have decided I shall do it without the impatience. I will strive to make the world around me a better place, but I'm not going to turn into an angry bitter person while I'm doing it. How we react to the world may be the only choice we really have. 

And now let me share news of my WALK. Yes, yesterday I decided that I would walk to the supermarket. It's 20 minutes away and I'd been delaying it so I would make the most use of it, buying as much as possible. Although we had done a big shop a week earlier, we had run out of milk and other basics. I got five minutes down the road and was stopped by a policeman.

"Have you got a vehicle?" he said.
"You've won yourself a walk up until here. Now go back for your car."

I felt shaken, rather than annoyed. I had thought I was allowed to walk to the supermarket or the bank. I felt a stab of irritation on the way home as I encountered two dog walkers. WHAT ABOUT MY TODDLER? LET ME WALK MY TODDLER!

A few hours later I started to receive excited messages from fellow mums. "Children will be allowed out from the 27th!!" 

We turned on the news to hear the president speak. I imagined myself in the 1940s crowding around the transistor radio during wartime. Spain has one of the strictest lockdown in the world. The restrictions and limitations will continue, however it looks like from the 27th April, children will be able to go outside for a short walk. Possibly only at a certain time. For instance between 12.00 and 14.00... when Sol naps! 

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