Sunday 29 July 2012

Hooked on the Olympics

Oh no! Too late!
The chances of me writing this blog were already slim.
I knew it would have to be written while still in pyjamas and before the television had been switched on. 
But too late – the box is on and hundreds of different sports are calling me.
I knew I was flirting with danger when yesterday I found myself glued to the swimming heats.
If I was happy watching those, then clearly I was going to be happy watching everything.
And so I did watch everything.  
Judo, rowing, volley ball, fencing, cycling, ping pong...
It didn’t matter who or what they were playing!
Naturally I’m going to be more excited when there’s a Spaniard, Brit or Colombian involved but I can quickly adopt a team and offer my vocal support, shouting at the telly with relish.  
Yesterday I barely moved from the sofa, so hooked was I on the Olympics.
I only escaped for a moment for a friend's leaving drinks.
There I spoke briefly to a journalist who was disappointed not to be covering the Games.
She was stuck with Syria. It was boring, she said.     
I felt ashamed then. It really is a case of ‘Panem et Circenses’ isn’t it? Bread and Circus!
All problems are pushed to one side while we’re entertained with endless performances of strength, speed and stamina. 
But I don't want to dampen your spirits.
Inspiration is a precious thing and there’ll be a lot of it absorbed by osmosis via television screens during this Olympics.
Dedication, discipline, self-belief - they don’t just apply to sports.
They apply to whatever it is you want to achieve.
Unfortunately, I'm not going to achieve much at all today.
I fear I’m going to find myself in exactly the same position as yesterday.

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