Thursday 3 October 2013

Turning 30... OR AM I?

Cassette pic by Appaloosa

I've said it so often I've bored myself: "How can I be turning 30? I still feel about 22!"

However recently there have been hints that the date on my birth certificate might be correct after all. I decided to compile some evidence to make a final decision.

Evidence for:

• I have friends that I've known for 26 years.

• Some of those friends have children.

One Direction looks like a group of silly little boys.

• I have thoughts like, 'What shall I do if I have a daughter and they become obsessed with a boy band like One Direction?'

• Last Saturday I watched  Best of 80s Disco music videos whilst playing scrabble. It was a great night. 

• While watching Best of 80s Disco I commented that the choreography in Janet Jackson's 'Rhythm Nation' looked exhausting.

• Jimmy Carr's Big Fat Quiz of the 90s made me feel nostalgic for mix tapes.

• Last week I made my first apple crumble and announced it was easy.

• Husband, not a Londoner, says if we have children they must go to a school with grass. We passed a school with grass and I asked him to google it.

• I wear slippers. I never used to wear slippers.

Evidence against:

• I still haven't learnt to drive.

Conclusion: After much debate I think it's clear the date on my Birth Certificate is incorrect. I can't possibly be turning 30 in two months if I can't drive.


Creaky door writer said...

Love your post. I am now 49 (imagine!!) but when I was 30 I returned to England after 5 years in Hong Kong to find that everyone was wearing 70s revival clothes. The words, 'What DO they think they look like?!' passed my lips and abruptly I knew that I was 30...

Emily Benet said...

Ha! Oh, I do that too... all those high wasted short shorts, and all the vintage! ;) But still, I REALLY CAN'T DRIVE!

Thanks for reading my blog!

Anne Booth said...

Emily, I am sorry to have to break this to you, but I can't drive either, and I was recently surprised to find that I am 48. The non-driving bit does not, after all, hold the magic safeguard against ageing. On the plus side, I'm finding that suddenly being 48 is actually rather lovely, if rather disconcerting. I'm not sure how old I thought I was, but I can remember being 22 very well. Actually, I can remember being 4 very well too...And Playgrounds with grass ARE good, and slippers ARE comfortable...

Helen Barbour said...

Emily, I have to warn you that this feeling won't go away! I'm struggling to understand how I can be turning 50 next year, when in my head I'm about 30. It doesn't help that a few years ago my dad said 'To me, you and your sister have only just stopped being teenagers.'

Don't worry about not learning to drive yet - my sister waited till she was 34 and heavily pregnant to do it and passed first time.