Tuesday 27 January 2015

The £80,000 a year school - Not so 'Rosey' in my eyes!

Did you hear about that Swiss school, Le Rosey, that costs £80,000 a year? 

From six feet under, a ghost of a French revolutionary howls, “Cut off their heads!” The head master rolls his eyes, “Oh do shut up and have a designer cupcake. ”

It’s a bit obscene, isn’t it? Also, slightly baffling. You can’t have much faith in life or your child if you think they need that much support.

What does £80,000 guarantee a year anyway?

Intelligence? Happiness? Self-esteem? Good relationships in life? Emotional Stability? Self-awareness?

Will £80,000 a year guarantee that your child will love you? Or, that they will love themselves?


So, what on earth does the money go on?

I tried making a list

1)    Uniforms designed by Prada
2)    Singing lessons taught by Elton John
3)    A petting zoo with snow leopards
4)    Diamond studded pencil cases
5)    Mink bound notebooks

I’m probably miles off. I can’t think rich enough. I’ve since read they’ve got golf courses and go carts and horses. So, basically their school is a posh holiday resort.

“But how will they integrate with normal people?” I asked my husband.
“They won’t need to,” he said.

No, I suppose they won’t. 

If only the super rich aspired to be superheroes set on eradicating inequality. I’m sure many are philanthropic, but we need even more compassionate hearts with big wallets.

Then again, why shouldn’t they be able to do what they like with their money? Well, true. They should. They can.

I suppose I just feel we are all connected. The human race, that is. We have to look after each other. It just doesn't sit comfortably with me that there are schools costing £80,000 a year, while not so far away, there are children without schools at all.


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