Monday 2 February 2015

Inkitt's Horror Contest & Your Top Terrifying Books!

Are you looking for a home for a scary short story? 

Then head over to Inkitt. They've just launched their Dark Places contest. It goes something like this:  

"You are in the darkest place in the world." Submit your blood-curdlers, spine-tinglers, skin-crawlers, and hair-raisers to Inkitt's free horror contest! Fiction from flash to 10,000 words is accepted. Receive the most votes to bump your entry into judging by the Inkitt staff." More Details.

I haven't read many truly, terrifying books. Curious to know what I'd been missing out on, I put this question to Twitter:

It wasn't long before the replies came in, with The Woman in Black proving a popular choice. 
Sounds like the TV version was just as hair raising,

Other choices included
and good old Stephen King,
As for me, I found The Uninvited made for unsettling reading... especially since it was late at night and I was all alone in my flat and my foot was sticking outside of the duvet, which is never a good feeling. 

And you? What's the most heart stopping, spine chilling book you have ever read? 


christine_a said...

Stephen King - The Gingerbread Girl - don't know why I didn't just stop reading I was so terrified.

Emily Benet said...

Haha that made me laugh - do we continue reading even though we're scared because we are enjoying being scared?

... like eating chilli, painful but somehow enjoyable... Chilli isn't scary though... Do you like chili? I'll shutup now.

Thanks for commenting!