Thursday 12 February 2015

Reasons to Keep Your Wedding Dress vs The Truth

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us and here I am blogging about selling my wedding dress. If you think that's unromantic, you should have heard my husband last night. He said if he was given a one-way ticket to Mars, he wouldn't think twice about going! Thanks darling.

My wedding dress is the most beautiful thing I've ever owned. It is luxurious and expensive, with four layers of silk, gorgeous lace with sparkling swarovski crystals and baby pearls. It has a long train and a elegant open back. Our wedding day was a beautiful, happy day; the man I married four years ago still the man I hope to spend the rest of my life with. 

Despite all this, I don't feel sad about selling my dress. I think it's sadder that such a stunning creation should only be worn once, and then stored away in a box*, (*even if the box is rather lovely too and included in the price!).

For some people it's rather controversial selling your wedding dress....

Reasons They Tell You Not To Sell

It's a beautiful reminder of your wedding day.  
Aren't 200 photos a reminder enough?  

Your daughter could wear it for her wedding.
Does this really happen? I would never have thought of wearing my mum's dress. I'm sure long sleeves and high necks were all the rage in the 80's but I would have felt more nun than princess if I'd worn it. Incidentally my Mum did the classic 'I know, let's turn it into a skirt and blouse', which is another thing people suggest you do. Of course she never wore it again.  

You can use it to make a christening outfit.
Who do you think I am? Vivienne Westwood? I can't even sow a button on.   

You could dye it black and cut it short.
Or I could buy a short, black dress and sell my wedding dress.

You could make a set of curtains.
With the amount of material on it, I probably could. However, ivory curtains are rubbish at keeping the sun light out. Back to the drawing board genius.  

It's unromantic to sell it.
That's where you're wrong. The money I get from the dress will go towards something for me and my husband like... the rent!

Kidding! We'll have a little adventure together.

Come on, I write romantic comedies, I'm as romantic as they get. My inner romantic is imagining that dress emerging from captivity to make someone else's day and be danced in once again...  

Sarah Houston 'Demille' Wedding dress £249.00 (RRP £3000). Includes 'Barcelona' veil and travel box. View details on ebay. 


Helen Barbour said...

I think it's a lovely idea that it should have a 'second life' and hopefully it will carry some of your marital happiness with it to the new owner.

Emily Benet said...

Exactly... soon to be featured in the new novel THE DRESS.

Written by someone else though!

Unknown said...
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Richard C. Lambert said...

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Anonymous said...

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