Tuesday 30 June 2015

6 Beauty Spots in Mallorca and 1 Ugly Problem

There are so many 'firsts' when you move country. The first piece of real post (thanks Gramma!), the first new friend you meet, the first piece of paid work. This week we had our first friend come to stay.

We rented a car and set off across the island and soon our jaws were dropping at just how beautiful it was. Here are the best bits...  

1. Lookout at Cabo de Formentor

2.  Sunset at Cap de Formentor 

3. View of Playa de Formentor  

4. Unnamed Beach in the Cala Blava area

5. Cala Pi 

6.  Rockpools at Es Raco de S' Arena

 And the 1 UGLY PROBLEM?


I spent a very happy half an hour exploring the rock pools of Es Raco de S'Arena - which at first glance seemed so clean. But when I looked closely I found so many tiny flakes of plastic, as well as balloons, and bigger pieces like plastic bags and bottles. There was even a can of furniture polish, that judging by the Arabic writing might well have floated all the way over from Africa! 

It's such a tragedy that we are so careless in our disposal of waste. Even though there are recycling containers everywhere in Spain, so many people just can't seem to be bothered to separate their rubbish. I feel strongly that we could be doing better - and it starts with the little decisions. 

Can we buy products with less packaging? 
Could we be recycling more? 
Is it really worth buying our children balloons at the cost of marine life suffering? 

If we don't take more care of our world, I worry these beautiful places won't stay beautiful for much longer!   

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Unknown said...

Great! I love Spain for a spot of sun and some home comforts on holidays. Specially the Cala Turqueta, where I bound to recognise the sweet sandy spot and crystal clear water. It’s so nice to take some wonderful photographs too.
Cala dor