Wednesday 10 June 2015

Being a writer has never felt so good!

Everything is swaying. The keyboard is moving back and forth. Sea Legs, Mum diagnoses. El mal de mar, my blind date from this morning replies. 

It wasn't a romantic date. My husband and I haven't been torn apart by our spontaneous move to Mallorca. It's just being a SeeMallorca reporter comes with certain perks. The day before I'd received an invite from Attraction Catamarans to go on their 'Day at Sea' excursion. The organiser said I could bring a friend. There's nothing like the words 'you can bring a friend' to remind you that you left them all behind in London.
Luckily I've made a few friends virtually through a Mallorca inline skating group. When one of the girls noticed I was looking for a companion for the trip she got in touch. I checked her facebook page and finding an absence of pouting selfies and soppy life-affirming quotes, told her I'd be thrilled for her to come.
I'm going to take a moment now to pinch myself. Any minute now I'm going to wake up. 

I don't want to wake up. I'm having this dream where I live on this beautiful island and these people want me to do all these wonderful activities so I'll write about them for their magazine. It's like being able to write suddenly has a value.
Nope, still not waking up.
I went diving for the first time on the weekend. I've never wanted to dive in my life, but the magazine wanted an article about Balear Divers, so off I went. It was incredible. If you get the opportunity, take it. 

I miss it already. I keep day dreaming about fish. Can you daydream within a dream?

It's strange. I didn't feel seasick on the catamaran. Four hours flew by as I chatted to my new friend. Perhaps it was all the photography. I take my role as a reporter very seriously! Part of my research involved chatting to the crew, which led to a free drink.  

No one ever used to give me free drinks for my writing before. I'm living in a state of wonder... I really am. 

Thank you world.   


Anonymous said...

Sounds great! Apart from the fish... I have a fish phobia. Seriously. I have nightmares about fish and everything. Glad things are going so well for you :-)

Emily Benet said...

Oh no! How did you come to have a phobia about fish? You mustn't be a fan of the sea then! Thanks for reading - it's so lovely when people are happy for you! :)