Friday 10 July 2015

Restless Writer Posts Attention Seeking Blog

I'm restless. Unbearably so. My upcoming novel #PleaseRetweet is coming out next month with HarperCollins and its book cover has yet to be decided. I'm hoping next week I'll have two options to share with you. Will you help me choose the winner? 

I'm SO excited about its release, even though I've done sod all publicity (hard to do publicity without an image!). I'm just praying that word of mouth helps it climb the book charts. Your mouth would be nice. I like your mouth. 

While I'm jumping up and down in anticipation of #PleaseRetweet's release, I've been working on my new novel The Hen Party. Trouble is the characters are doing my head in. If you've ever been a bridesmaid and had to organise a hen party, then you'll know why. Too many overexcited voices mixed with too much booze. Fictional booze that is. 

I don't go along with Hemingways' philosophy Write Drunk, Edit Sober - I expect he would've had a lot less editing to do if he'd ignored his own advice and written sober. 

My agent is reading a section of The Hen Party at the moment so perhaps next week she'll have some book-saving advice for me - no pressure Laura!

Thank God for my reporting job with SeeMallorca. It's the only thing keeping me focused. It's a very dangerous occupation you know. 

On Monday I reviewed the cycling holiday operator Mills and Honey and road a bike for three hours in 36 degree heat. It was like being blasted by a gigantic hairdryer. 

The route was peaceful, the landscape heavenly. Eventually I had to stop after a not too shabby 35km, because I mistook a sheep for a cow and I felt like I might be about to vomit. 

Don't let me put you off. I hadn't cycled in 5 years and the muscles in my thighs are made from tissue paper.  

I recovered quickly from my cycling escapade. We reporters must be resilient. I had a pressing date with Palma's new San Juan Gastronomic Market. Another dangerous assignment. 

I almost died from deliciousness. "DD". Yes, it's a thing.  

Do I sound on edge? I feel on edge. I just can't wait any longer. I want my book to come out! I want you to read it!

Did I mention you can help me choose the cover? 

Come over to my Facebook Author Page and help me avoid another a disaster! 

*Nervous laughter* 

It can't be long now...

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