Thursday 13 August 2015

London Calling - Back in the Capital post Big Move

My old job called and offered me a week's work on reception.

"Yes please!" I said, thinking about the rent.

As soon as I'd bought my flights, the boss told me they were closing for refurbishment. Would I help the painter and decorator instead?

As a result my reception duties included:

1. Sanding
2. Painting
3. More painting
4. Repotting plants
5. Making appointments

Half way through the week there was a tube strike. My Mum suggested I borrow her rollerskates. Twitter tweeted "DO IT!" and so I dutifully did, racking up 16 miles / 25 kilometers in one day. 

I made a video of my scenic skating route for a 'tube strike' competition. There's only 2 entries, so I might win if you view my video. With the £250 winnings I'll be able to afford to take the tube again...*

(*Actually if I win the £250 I'll donate it to Medecins Sans Frontieres who help people who probably have bigger problems that a tube strike!)

Only one pedestrian tutted at my skates, and that was at Parliament square. I wanted to ask the grumpy-faced woman, "WHERE'S YOUR INNER CHILD?" but instead I tutted quietly back, a little too late so it looked like I was tutting at someone else. Sorry random person!

For the rest of the week I travelled on the underground. What is it about the tube that turns you into a machine? I always speed up and start dodging people as if I'm a spaceship in a computer game.

You live in Mallorca now, my inner voice reminded me gently. You don't have to rush any more. I slowed down and considered standing on the wrong side of the escalator.

While I've been working in London - book bloggers and reviewers have been downloading my new novel #PleaseRetweet on Netgalley. I've been getting lots of lovely tweets about the book. Each one feels like a cuddle. 

It's exciting to know people are enjoying it but I know I've got to manage my expectations. After all, this writing life has more ups and downs than a seesaw.   

I arrived back from London yesterday feeling like I'd been away for a month. It was so intense and busy! I loved seeing my family and my friends, but I'm not so sure I could hack living in a big city again...

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