Tuesday 7 August 2018

New baby, new life: Two months of sunshine

It's been two months since my daughter, Sol, was born. At 3.890g (8.5lb), she was a large bundle of joy. I felt every gram when the obstetrician passed her to me and I was worried I might drop her. But I'm happy to say I did not, and she is currently very much intact. She is a robust baby and also a very calm one. To celebrate her two month anniversary, she slept all through the night, from 23.00 to 06.00, waking up briefly to feed for 15 minutes before dozing off for another two hours.

As a result of her reasonable sleeping patterns, I'm not a zombie parent with bags under my eyes. In fact I'm feeling a lot perkier than I anticipated and very grateful for such a tranquil baby. Could yoga and meditation throughout my pregnancy have influenced this outcome? Or is the reason she's so relaxed because we're so relaxed around her

"Chicken and egg," my auntie said, because likewise we might be relaxed because she is. Maybe it really is just the luck of the draw! Either way, she is a wonder, accomplishing all baby functions with aplomb - taking great satisfaction in stretching for long periods of time, and giving us great pleasure each time she poos, burps, yawns, and best of all, smiles. It really is the little things.

After racing to the finish line of my novel, I've since read it through and think it's 50% terrible. I've reread other variations of it and I'm not quite sinking into despair, but certainly questioning my lengthy process of writing books, which involves writing the word count equivalent of five novels and then wondering what the story is about... 'What the heck am I trying to write' will be the focus of my thoughts as I breastfeed during these sticky heatwave days.

Luckily, my Pregnancy Diaries is more coherent! I've a complete draft to edit, and I'm inviting contributions and would love to hear your stories.

For those who would like to share aspects of their pregnancy, here's a questionnaire you can downloadYou can answer just one question if you like! Alternatively I can send you a word document or copy it into an email if that's easier for you to answer. Just email me or send your answers this August 2018 to emily@emilybenet.com 

If I use your comments, I'll send you a free ebook of the finished version. 

As Sol gets more active, I anticipate it will be harder to snatch writing time. My intention is to release the Pregnancy Diaries this year. My novel will take longer because I don't want to write a novel that you'd only read if you were stuck on a train with no battery on your phone - but a book which would make you miss your stop!

The little one has awoken so it's over and out from me. Thanks for coming back here after this very long blog hiatus...

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