Monday 11 June 2012

My Short Story 'Five Pounds Short' Gets Published!

My husband is forever getting parcels in the post and I, who love getting post, have to content myself with the pizza menus and the dull letters addressed to ‘Dear Homeowner’.
However today, it was my turn.
Someone had sent me a book!
The title excited me, ‘Barcelona to Bihar – stories that travel with you’
It was obviously someone who knew I’d lived in Barcelona and had seen it and thought of me.
But who?
And then I opened the book and discovered my name was printed inside it!
At the beginning of the year my short story ‘Five Pound Short’ made the Top 20 of the Earlyworks Press short story competition and the result is this beautiful anthology in my hands.
It contains 20 short stories that take you across the world and offer you hours of escapism.
This is what the editor said about it:

‘Taking in letters from Africa, from the Solomon Islands and from previous centuries; witnessing potentially murderous mountaintop encounters with goats and even trolls, navigating a European tunnel, an English bell tower and a social divide wider than the Australian outback, the mind of the reader must twist and turn, encompassing many miles and many moods, before coming home with a view from another planet as to what it might mean to be human.’ – Kay Green, editor.   

I only have 20 books to sell so if you would like one for you or perhaps as a gift to someone else, don't leave it too late!  
The anthology costs £8.99 (including post to UK) and you can pay via paypal 

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Thank you!



SisInLaw said...

GREAT!!!!! congrats.
We want one, so please save us a copy, I will arrange with my brother on the payment and shipping.

Shop Girl said...

Thank you very much! The books looks really lovely. Best thing is to buy it off the blog :)
Can't wait to see you all!

Jackie Buxton said...

How wonderful for the book to be a surprise. That's the stuff of dreams! Well done, Emily. If I buy any more books to add to my TBR pile at the moment, I think my long-suffering hubbie will divorce me, much as I'm intrigued. But I'm sure you'll have no trouble selling your 20.

ShopGirl said...

Thanks Jackie - I completely understand! I haven't got around to reading it myself yet! So much to read and so much write! X