Saturday, 30 May 2020

Covid-19 Diaries - Rediscovering Home

Suddenly I had to get away from my computer. Away from my home office. Away from the municipality I hadn't left in three months.

I couldn't stand the thought of any more online research. I needed to see what I was writing about with my own eyes. I needed to get out. Far away.

Far away when you live in Mallorca rarely means more than an hour's drive. But the thing about living on the island is your perception of time and distance changes. 

When I lived in London everything seemed to be at least forty-five minutes away. Here, if something is more than a twenty-five minute drive away it makes me seriously question whether it's worth it. 

I had to do some research about the fishing town of Portopetro so we (husband, toddler and I) decided to take advantage and stop at a bay at the Mondragó Nature Reserve nearby.

Portopetro, south east Mallorca

It took us just over an hour. It was the longest journey we'd done in over three months. As we got out of the car, I hoped it wasn't going to be exactly like the beach 500 metres from our front door. I hoped it had been worth it. 

We made our way down the stony path surrounded by Aleppo pines towards the bay. 

Dried algae covered a large part of the sand but it didn't matter. Ahead of us was the clearest seawater I'd ever seen in my life. It shimmered turquoise between striking volcanic cliffs on either side of it.

Calo des Borgit, south east Mallorca

"I've never seen it so clean," a local told me later.   

If only it hadn't taken a pandemic and closed airports to reveal the island at its most beautiful.  

I felt energised and inspired after that trip. It hadn't been a lost day of work because the following days were more productive because of it. 

Lost day? Stupid to considerate it that for a split second. It was a day of full fantastic living. I'm still daydreaming about that crystalline water. In fact I already want to go on another adventure. If only it hadn't taken a pandemic and a lockdown to remind me how wonderful it is to explore. 

I feel as curious as if I've only just arrived on this island. I feel excited to explore my home.

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